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report admin
bans me because i write a comment on his steamprofile, not because of ingame stuff
unban me
firstly i kicked you for trolling in game , then u reconnected and started insulting and posting insulting comments on my steam profile. I think you deserve your ban
thats not true. i got kicked for "trolling", and i didnt insult you on the server. i dont think that the steam profile belongs to the server, so the ban is false. you can report me on steam though Wink
still it was a toxic behaviour from you and i still support my statement and saying that you deserve your ban
i didnt insult you on the server though. look into the server rules, only things that happen on the server deserve a ban. i also wrote "you suck" to another player who insulted me the whole time
which is also a reason for the ban. ( toxic behaviour ) now stop spamming the forum post and let the moderator decide Smile have a good day
You deserve the ban for your attitude! However, 1 week is not fair so the ban will be lowered to 24 hours if Swagj don't mind. If it happens again then the ban won't lifted or edited.
I feel like I should comment on this, I was on the server at that time and he was trolling by running around instead of playing retake, so he got kicked, then he came back and started insulting and trolling again, the ban wasn't instant and was in my opinion well deserved

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