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Admin Application for KZ
Ah suh dudes.

First name: Jonathan
Last name: Luks
In Game Name: Snabbis <OSbolo>
Date of birth: 2000-06-23
Nationality: Sweden
Steam Profile:
Steam ID: STEAM_0:1:179976946
Why I want to be an admin: I want to be an admin on the server because I play there a lot, literally every day. I am always respectful to other players and I want them to have the best time they've ever had on the server. By that I mean, that I'll take action upon naughty players who disturbs the community. I am currently a "crew member" of another big community called "AUC" / "AltUnderCtrl", which is mostly focused on bhop and surf. It has KZ but it's not a global server, unfortunately. I am also really good at spotting cheaters and I know about most cheats that people use, therefore, cheaters will not be a problem to get rid off. So, I think these reasons makes me meet the requirements of being an admin and being able to keep the server nice and clean.

Yours sincerely, Snabbis. <3

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