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Cust9m Admin Application
-First Name: Phillip
-Last Name: Mitic
-In-Game Nickname: cust9m
-Birth-date: 22.09.1998
-Nationally (Place of born): Belgrade, Serbia
-Steam Profile Link:
-Steam ID (Get it from here : STEAM_0:0:215332217
-Why do you wanna be an admin? (Good reasons would be appreciated) :I really want to help the server out because im playing a lot recently and i really enjoy playing Khaleeji and i havent seen that many admins online and i can be online basically whole day catching hackers and rulebreakers. I also saw a lot of people harassing others bullying like i got bullied trolling on retake such as not defusing the bomb saying others positions and just +lefting.

Thanks for reading have a wonderful day!
Hello Cust9m,

I feel that you should be given a chance due to you having the correct hours played and being on the servers all the time, you also dedicated your time for helping people which I appreciate a lot. In my opinion you deserve it.

Kind Regards, KieraN
Hi Cust9m,

I see that you've created your account 2 months ago. (2017-05-24). Is this your first account? If not, then can you post these profiles here?
Hi Admin,

Yes this is my first account on Khaleeji Gaming as far as I know? 

Have a nice day!

I meant your steam account. I apologize fot not explaining.
No this isnt my first steam account i've got scammed like 6 months ago and then started playing like a month ago again if i could find the link i will send you the steam account!

Here i found it but the guy who scammed me got vac banned 12 days ago...

Thanks for understanding
Hello Cust9m,

I'm sorry to tell you that we'll have to deny your application. Without an evidence or some sort of chat log, we won't be able to consider your application.

Thank you.

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