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Getting bullied again
In-game nickname: cust9m
Your steam profile link: 
In-game nickname of the guy you're reporting: doom & psyx
His steam profile link: psyx:  and doom:
Describe the problem with details: Well as per usual i was playing retake servers and i got bullied again because im a serbian told to kill myself that people hate me no one likes me and that im a faggot which isnt quite a pleasure to play whilst you're getting bullied...Please do something because i do get harassed a lot..
Proof: ,

Thanks for reading have a nice day!
Hello Cust9m,

The issue is solved they've both been punished for what they have done to you, also I'm deeply sorry that you keep getting harassed by these people and we will try our best to stay on
top of the bullies. Please carry on enjoying your time at our servers.

Kind Regards, KieraN

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