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Admin ReReapply
-First Name: Predrag

-Last Name: Colakovic

-In-Game Nickname: DjafteKurafte


-Birth-date: 16/05/1998

-Nationally (Place of born):Serbian,Belgrade

-Steam Profile Link:

-Steam ID: STEAM_0:1:170364735

- Which server? : [KG] Retakes | !gloves !ws !knife | Rank #3

-Why do you wanna be an admin?

Just wanna help server get rid of all the people that insult,scream and just have people that follow the rules and enjoy the server!( i got denied cause i was apparently inactive,but i was getting a new pc ^^)
I'm sorry, I denied you for a reason. Yet, few days later you apply again. It doesn't make any sense..

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