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-First Name: Jeroen
-Last Name: Verliefde
-In-Game Nickname: MrLightning_ (sometimes
-Birth-date: 1 April 1999 (no this is no April fools Smile )  
-Nationality: Belgium (Gent)
-Steam Profile Link:
-Steam ID:  STEAM_0:1:91042044
-Which Server: Retake servers 
-Why do you wanna be an admin?: I usually play a few hours of retakes before I get into a competitive game and I really hate my warmup being ruined by trollers, people who are afk, mic spammers and just people who are being annoying in general. i think they are wasting server slots people who want to play the game can't join. That's why i would like to become an admin to help keep the servers clean and provide an awesome experience for every player, because in my opininon the KG retakes servers are one of the best. I would also like to help the community grow by streaming myself playing on my favourite server over on and even on my youtube channel. (I sent an email about this btw)
Thanks in advance
Jeroen "MrLightning_" Verliefde
You're still banned. Plus, you don't even meet the minimum requirement.

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