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_Spark´s Application
I hope I didnt wrote that in the wrong topic :/ (I was never that good in Forum stuff xD) 

First Name: Jonas

Last Name: Honisch 

In-Game Nickname: _Spark


Birth-date: 17.08.1998   |  08/17/1998   | 19 y. old 

Nationality: German

Steam Profile Link:

Steam ID:  STEAM_0:0:137074088

Which Server: Retake Servers

Because of that I want to be an Admin!:  I play on this server every day and encounter problems like mic spammers or people wishing to change the map but they cant because to many people are afk and they cant rtv. I want to become admin so I can help people on this server. If you check my playtime you will see that I play almost everyday
Wrong sub + You don't play everyday.

[Image: 8f3175c5a8fea41775aa0ae3bee94051.png]

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