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afr0st's Application.
-First Name: David
-Last Name: Lynes
-In-Game Nickname: afr0st
-Nationality: England
-Steam Profile Link:
-Steam ID:  STEAM_1:1:135882
-Which Server: Retake Servers #1 #2 #3
-Why do you wanna be an admin?: This really isn't a hard one to answer. I have been playing on your retake servers for a while. However my experience's have been dampened recently due to an excessive amount of cheaters who are blatantly Aimbotting. These cheaters do get banned via your "autoattack". Yet they still rejoin?. I legit have never seen an admin on these retake servers and therefor I believe I can be a good addition to keep the play "fair". I also notice a lot of younger aged people who seem to be "new" or very very "annoying/trolling". These players I believe don't need kicking or banning just a visible admin present will be more than enough to persuade them to play the game properly to make it more enjoyable for others. 

 To finish I have played many hours of CSGO and various other games. I love the community you have and I wish to be apart of that. I want to make the servers more enjoyable as of late they have been anything but. I hope you consider my application and thank you so much for reading!. 

- Kind Regards

David Lynes.

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