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<OSsloth> chris Application

-First Name: Chris 
-Last Name: Fröschl
-In-Game Nickname: <OSsloth> chris
-Birth-date: 07.01.2000
-Nationally (Place of born): Germany (Munich)
-Steam Profile Link:
-Steam ID: STEAM_0:0:84440984
- Which server: KZ Climb (
-Why do you wanna be an admin?:I am here to buy my admin slot from RaM in exchange for the promised orange. OK... time to get serious... eh I would like to become an admin on this server because its one of my favourite kz-servers and I would like to be part of the development. I am playing kz for over one and a half years now, what should point out that I have got enough knowledge to assist the other users and become an effective part of the staff. In addition to that I am a student who got (way to often) plenty of time to play kz (very active player).

Ever since you've applied, I've kept tracking your playtime and activity. To be honest, I gotta tell you that your stats hasn't been that good. We do need active admins for the time being.

Thank you for your interest.

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